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You move to Hollywood with this dream of becoming a big star! Sparkle in your eyes and umph in your step. Fantasizing the many experiences and opportunities you may acquire on this journey. The first thing you need to realize is that this dream can become a reality if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

Becoming an actor can be accomplished at any age, if you have a strong grasp of what lies ahead of you. Along the path of your acting career, you carry yourself with confidence both during performance as well as in public. You open your mind up to criticism and take any advice, leaving room for improvement. Acting is first and foremost a craft, so constantly be looking to improve upon your craft. Have a passion for the craft and the patience to wait for your big break. Practice scenes from shows. You can get ideas about what casting directors will be looking for by watching shows. While watching a show ask yourself, "which role would I most likely go out for?" Once you know which one, study it. You must learn to make mistakes and improve from them.

Finding work as an actor may also involve submitting resumes and head shots to potential casting directors. Actors also participate in lengthy auditions that can include several callback sessions before a final decision is made. Persevering through rejection to find the best roles. You truly commit yourself to your work. Becoming an actor takes a certain kind of individual. Someone who can be convincing in a role, who can hold the audience and captivate. Researching roles, developing convincing attributes of the character, and who always leaves room to learn, grow and allow yourself to accept the world of illusion. Entering a dream, you must stay in the dream.